Vanilla Ice Cream Profiteroles

Baked - Frozen

Code: 9140F
Weight: 15g
Size: 4.5 cm
Units: 60
Carton box sizes: L(30cm) x W(24cm) x H(24cm)

Serving Directions

In the oven (recommended for better taste)
• Preheat oven at 220°C
• Straight from freezer, remove the product from all packaging including the aluminium mould
• Place it on a baking dish
• Heat for about 1-2 minutes
• Present according your creativity, with Chocolate sauce, Chantilly cream...    

Vanilla Ice Cream Profiteroles

A delicious Bourbon vanilla ice cream inside a butter puff.

Served with some chocolate sauce or Chantilly cream, the profiteroles will impress by their taste and "homemade presentation".