Mini Wraps

Frozen - Ready to serve

Code: 5784F
Weight: 635g
Size: cm
Units: 48
Carton box sizes: L(42.5cm) x W(31.5cm) x H(5cm)

Serving Directions

In the fridge : 

• Place the frozen cocktail bite trays with the cling film in the bottom of the refrigerator

• Leave to defrost for 5 hours

• Once defrosted, remove the cling film and place the bites on a serving dish 

• Leave the bites 5 minutes at room temperature before serving

Mini Wraps

A colorful assortment of mini wraps inspired by Mediterranean flavors:

- Goat cheese and Mediterranean vegetable

- Smoked salmon and chives

- Chicken and roasted peppers

- Pastrami and mustard

4 recipes - 12 bites / recipes. 

Presented in a hygienic and practical tray packaging.