We understand you

As time is limited in the Food Service Industry, our main priority is to be a competent point of contact for our customers. Our team understands the importance of bringing you quick and efficient solutions to ease your everyday operations. We take special care in proposing only products that fit your needs and assist you in a timely manner.

We speak your language if you require any technical support, whether it be English, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), French, Italian or Spanish. 

Top Quality and Taste

Focusing on quality, Exclusive Foods brings only the best products to Asia from around the World. "All our products are made with prime ingredients that are selected with care by our renowned partner brands"

Exclusive Foods has a strong commitment to health and nutrition, therefore it only distributes foodstuff manufactured with very few or none additives. This approach helps to preserve traditional recipes and to safeguard customer’s health.

Our partners have up to 120 years of rich know-how. They all have a strong collaboration with renowned Chefs to create special products that respect traditional recipes. Thanks to these close relations our products impress by their natural and authentic taste. 



Food Safety

Exclusive Foods ambition is to safeguard the health of our customer's clientele.  

All of our partners are certified according to British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRC), Hazard Critical Control Points (HACCP) and International Food Standards (IFS)" 

Professional Products

Our products are the perfect companion for Chef's Creativity.

Finished or semi-finished, all our products are easy to handle and ready to be customized following the Chef's inspiration. As we only work with top food producers, quality is consistent all year long.

All our products are specially developed for Food Professionals. Packaging, product sizes and cooking instructions are adapted to professional needs in order to gain time and add practicality.

Easy Deliveries

Our logistic team is ready to offer a flexible delivery service while respecting the cold chain,  in order to ensure the products arrive in optimal conditions. Our easy delivery schedules allow us to provide you the products all year long at your doorstep. 

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Innovation is a priority for us.

In order to propose new culinary experiences, our partners continuously create unique recipes and concepts.

Daregal - IQF herbs and sauces free of additives and that taste like freshly made, are  result of several years of Research and Development.

We are very proud to distribute products which are frequently awarded for their quality and creativity.  Boncolac - Bread layers-  which have been awarded "Best product of the year" by Saveur de l'Année in France.