Double Chocolate Tart Bites

Mini-Tart Pre-cut x16 - Whole piece (Baked - Frozen)

Code: 5035F
Weight: 290g
Size: 18 cm
Units: 4
Carton box sizes: L(19cm) x W(19cm) x H(13cm)

Serving Directions

In the fridge :

• Straight from the freezer, remove the product from all packaging

• Remove the paper mould

• Place the mini portions on a tray or serving dish 

• Leave to defrost in the refrigerator at 4°C for 45 minutes 

We do not suggest to place this tart in the oven. 

Double Chocolate Tart Bites

A delightful chocolate & almond powder crème patissiere on a delicious cocoa crust.


The traditional French tart re-invented in a bite format, easy to handle and suitable for all events and occasions : tea sets, buffets, parties.

The pre-cut guarantees a perfect slice and bite of equal size and weight. 

Ready to use, these bites can also be used as a base to customize.