Baby Chocolate Soft Cakes

96 pcs - Whole piece (Baked - Frozen)

Code: 5665F
Weight: 20g
Size: 4 cm
Units: 96
Carton box sizes: L(34cm) x W(24cm) x H(12cm)

Serving Directions

In the microwave oven :
• Remove plastic bag
• Place the product in the Microwave
• Heat for 15 seconds at 800W

In the fridge :
• Straight from the freezer, remove the product from the plastic packaging
• Leave to defrost in the refrigerator at + 4°C for 3 hours

In oven :
• Preheat  oven at 180°C.
• Place the product on the oven tray heat
• Heat for 4 minutes.
• Allow to cool before serving.

Baby Chocolate Soft Cakes

The bite version of a "Grand Classic". Soft and melty dark chocolate  bites, rich in cocoa.